Tab Switcher

Manage Chrome tabs efficiently.
Published Chrome Extension
Personal Project
Foundation -- Start from scratch
Deliverable -- Chrome Extension (Published to Chrome Web Store)
Apr 2019 | 1 week
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Chrome API, Model-view-controller (MVC) method, Sketch
Product builder





In a pop-up window, this light-weight chrome extension allows you to quickly get access to all the opened tabs, pin tabs, close tabs without activating them.

Feature Demo

Jumping to tabs

Closing multiple tabs at once

Select all open tabs

Pin / unpin a tab

Pin / unpin multiple tabs

Search with keyword

Give it a Try

Tab Switcher is currently published on Chrome Web Store. Please follow the link below and add it to your Chrome browser. Let me know if you ran into any usability issues :)

Download from Chrome web store
View source code on GitHub

Iteration Process

evolving interface

Final Look


Technical Growth

This is my first project exploiting MVC (Model-View-Controller) model in front-end developing. It was a life-saver.

The structure of separating UI elements, controlling functions and back-end data structures significantly improved my coding efficiency and simplified each function's responsibility.

Divides an application into three interconnected parts may seem like a hassle at first but the pros would actually beat the cons. Even a few months after, when I came back to polish some UI code and retouch header block logic, it didn't take too long for me to get familiar with the codes again. Therefore, I guess MVC model is also an amazing teamwork facilitator.